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Dynamic Content Solution

Don’t just deliver your content, show it off.

When things get hectic and stress levels are rising in conjunction with the amount of work coming in, the last thing you want to do is take the time to build out an email to deliver your content. There’s finally a smarter way to handle content emails, eliminating the stress of crafting a presentable email every time you have something you want to promote. With our Dynamic Content Solution, you can create standardised email templates for common promotional mail and auto-populate it with your desired content. Save the hours of tedious leg-work which most dynamic content solutions require, while still delivering beautiful emails with insightful content every single time.

Content Library

The main hub of our dynamic solution lies in the content library. The library enables you to create a rich pool of insightful content which dynamically feeds into your emails. Each piece of content is customisable and can include a header, image, body, language, author, and several other identifiers to maximise organisation and structure. You can also assign tags to pieces of content allowing you to only send your clients emails they are actually interested in opening.

Client Preferences

Our research tells us that 73% of financial advisers want to filter the content they receive from fund groups, which is why we decided to give them a choice. Much in the same way your clients can edit their email preferences, follow fund documents or sign up for an event, they can choose the types of content they are interested in using tags. Tags aggregate content across the StoneShot platform, as well as your content strategy, so your clients will have plenty of content to choose from, regardless of their interests.

Dynamic Distribution

Once your library and client preference hub are complete, things start to come together. Our dynamic content distribution tool creates personalised emails for each of your clients, pulling content from the library based on their interests. It keeps tabs on what they’ve already received and sends out emails based on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle, depending on the frequency set by your client.


If you’re not constantly evolving, you’re most likely slowly dissolving. In order to maintain a consistent optimisation schedule, your reporting tool has to be as ambitious as you are. With StoneShot’s tracking and reporting tool, you will be able to see which insights are gaining the most interest across your entire client-base, as well as how each client is engaging with your content.

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