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Email has never been more important to digital marketing than it is today. As the most engaged form of digital marketing, the feckless rumours of email marketing’s obsolescence have gone with the people that started them. In fact, with all of the incredible recent innovations in email marketing technology, it’s safe to say the reign of email has no end in sight.


An average professional devotes 3.2 hours a day to business email

mobile phone

People check their mobile phone up to 150 times a day

58% of adults check email first thing in the morning


Key features

StoneShot Email Builder on monitor

Build emails your way with your custom email builder

StoneShot Email Builder on monitor

Think of email builders like toothbrushes or tissues – using the same one as everyone else is just gross. We know how important your brand guidelines are and your email builder will reflect that with layouts specific to each communication type, allowing you to easily create sophisticated, on-brand emails in no time.

Manage all of your contacts and lists with ease

What’s an email without an audience? A journal entry? Just plain sad? Luckily with StoneShot’s contact and list management solution you’ll never have to find out.

In fact, with all of the organisational and segmentation options, as well as the engagement scoring and relationship nurturing tools included, your audience will be more refined and responsive than ever.

Better results with highly personalised emails

“Personalised emails improve click through rates by 14%” Aberdeen group

People enjoy feeling like there’s a person on the other end of their emails rather than a rusty bag of bolts, but no one has the time or resources to manually personalise every email in every campaign they are running (unless its summer intern season).

Addressing recipients by their name in the header is one thing, but we can help you take it to the next level by targeting contact segments or preferences with relevant content based on past behaviour which will end up doing wonders for your engagement rates.

Top notch deliverability without the clutter

All of the effort of designing, writing copy, targeting, and distributing your emails is a complete waste of time if they never even make it to your recipients’ inboxes.

Navigating the treacherous pitfalls of various IP’s spam triggers is a nuanced game which requires experience and know-how, but we might have the key to success. By specialising in asset management we are able to get whitelisted by coveted firms so your emails always arrive safely.

Detailed reporting anywhere, at any time, in any format

Without a dynamic, intuitive way to transform the raw post-campaign data into actionable information, you’re stuck looking at a set of numbers which could take hours to digest and rework.

The StoneShot dashboard lets you look at data from any angle, comparing a limitless amount of criteria within vibrant, easy to read graphs. The best part is, we can integrate with whatever system you are currently utilising to distribute the data in the correct format to the correct people.

Invaluable insight straight from your current and potential clients

Ever wonder how your clients feel about your digital marketing efforts? Well we went ahead and asked them, along with hundreds of other advisers, and analysed their responses.

Optimal time of day, preferred device, online habits, and frequency preferences are just a few of the audience insights you will glean from our incredibly valuable Digital Marketing Survey results.

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