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Engagement scoring picks up where lead scoring leaves off, not only letting you rank and score the interest of different clients, but also allowing you to prioritise the relevance of their content interactions and identify what types of content they’re interested in through the use of the innovative weighting and tagging features, respectively.

The most important aspect of engagement scoring – and all of StoneShot’s offerings, for that matter – is the level of customisation allowed. You are free to prioritise a massive list of interactions and organise your campaigns using any tag strategy you can think of, making your engagement scoring experience entirely your own.

Relevance is key

Prioritise the metrics most important to your campaign and dismiss the ones that aren’t.

Know your audience

Refine your engagement score rather than settling for a broad, watered down measurement.

Bring it all together

Integrate actions from events, emails, campaigns, videos, web interactions and more to get the full picture.


The utilisation of tags is the one of the most powerful aspects of engagement scoring since a properly organised tagging structure lies at the core of your entire content strategy.

Organise your content by communication type, product, asset class or an infinite number of other categories since you’re able to create custom tags to fit your needs exactly.

Applied on a micro level, macro level or a bit of both, the use of this innovative tool will make your post-campaign reports more actionable than ever before.


Not all campaigns are created equal, so why should your scoring tools be? Weighting allows you to manipulate the importance of key reporting metrics to more accurately reflect the goals of your various campaigns.

If you’re promoting a new video, odds are you’re more concerned with video views than privacy policy views, so make sure those details shine through in your post-campaign reporting, giving you a more accurate representation of your campaign’s success.


Engagement scoring allows for a more thorough analysis of performance by pin pointing the elements of the campaign your recipients interacted with, as well as their overall behaviour across campaigns.

Customise which metrics are relevant, how your content is organised across campaigns, the timeframe in which engagement is considered relevant, and an array of other details which are sure to mesh seamlessly with your content strategy.


Seamlessly feed your engagement scores into your CRM or BI, while pulling in tags from your CMS at the same time to create a dynamic, symbiotic system. When you’re able to view engagement by firm, contact, or tag, the level of data transparency you’re allowed will elevate your digital performance to the next level.

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