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Automate your campaigns, optimise your results

Through the combination of powerful tech, shrewd strategy, and a well-defined user process, marketing automation enables you to launch your dynamic content strategy into action.

With this extensive capability, the onus is no longer on you to decipher and respond to your recipients’ interactions with your digital marketing efforts; instead they are able to control their own journey, based on a pre-defined set of customisable factors.

We believe the purpose of this powerful tool is to provide the tech which will support and enable a content strategy, allowing it to achieve its full potential. It should be an easy to use, highly customisable distribution hub for your content which reacts to the unique path each user takes through your workflows. Here’s how we’re making this vision a reality…

Increase Efficiency

Enable the user’s journey with triggers and their corresponding actions and watch your engagement skyrocket.

Improve Engagement

Maximise opportunities and reengage clients to smoothly nurture them through their digital journey.

Optimise Your Plan

Successfully strategise and implement workflows with the support from an experienced team.

Strategic Collaboration

When you work with StoneShot, you’re not only getting a suite of innovative tech, you’re also getting a tireless partner who is willing to do what it takes to make your digital marketing efforts stand out among the static.

Whether that means ongoing advice and support throughout the process, regular benchmarking and success reviews, or even developing custom tech, our team of experts are poised at the ready to work with you in any way they can.

Rules, Triggers, and Actions

The essence of marketing automation can be boiled down to the individual user’s journey, which makes developing broad, deep workflows to fit your campaigns’ goals all the more crucial. With the needs of fund managers in mind, we’ve developed an extensive list of triggers, actions, and rules to choose from, which you can use to piece together your workflows and seamlessly lead your user through their digital journey.


We all know how difficult it is to stare at a blank page, unclear on where and how to begin a project. So skip the initial project inertia and get started on crafting the perfect workflows for your digital marketing needs by utilising one of the pre-made workflow templates specifically designed to serve asset managers.

Integrating Tags

The beauty of adding marketing automation to the existing suite of dynamic features in the StoneShot solution is the synergistic relationship which it creates. Keeping content at the core of your strategy, the bond created through the use of tags and engagement scoring will tie your efforts together seamlessly.

When you use tags to categorise your campaigns – be it by product, asset class, communication type, or anything else – you can also use those same tags to act as triggers in your workflows. This opens up a new layer of workflow customisation as you’re now able to deploy a user’s journey based on their engagement with a specific area of interest.


As if the power and ability of marketing automation wasn’t enough, you also get the added bonus of insightful, relevant data which will guide the development of your workflows in the future. Monitor when contacts enter and exit a workflow, the length of time they remain and the number of triggers they activate.

Adding engagement scoring and tags into the mix and your post-campaign data enables the granularity and customisability you need to view your campaign’s performance from every angle, identifying weak spots and honing your efforts into the laser-accurate campaigns you’ve always wanted.

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